NEW POLICY BRIEF: The cost of sticking to fossil fuels.
August 24, 2022
We compare the cost of RE vs fossil energy. We show that the transition to 100 % is cheaper and mitigate risk & loss and damage for Tanzania.
Don’t Gas Africa
August 22, 2022
An urgent call from African civil society to ensure the African Union does not support expanding fossil fuel extraction ahead of COP27
Co-Developing the National Renewable Energy Strategy: RE Coalition meets to shape the future of energy in Tanzania
August 22, 2022
Informing a strong Renewable Energy Strategy: We co-hosted a consultative meeting to co-develop a RE strategy based-on the best available knowledge and expertise.
Nane Nane (Farmers Day) in Morogro: Time for innovation & sharing knowledge.
August 10, 2022
On Nane Nane (Farmers Day) in Morogoro, we presented innovation & best practices for climate action. We showcased an innovative solar cooking solution and our SMS-based Climate Service.
NEW POLICY BRIEF: Informing a RE Strategy to drive socio-economic development
August 10, 2022
Currently the Ministry of Energy in Tanzania started to develop Renewable Energy strategy. Developing a stand-alone Renewable energy strategy is elementary to tap the full potential of RE in Tanzania to catalyse a sustainable socio-economic development in Tanzania.
Text me to adapt: Up-to-date climate information for smallholders to adapt to climate impacts.
July 18, 2022
With a simple Short-Message-Services (SMS) climate information is shared to thousands of farmers, pastoralists and fisherfolks so they can make smart adaptation decision. In the week of July 09-16, we registered more than 900 smallholders in Bagamoyo, Chalinze and Lushoto to access SMS-based Integrated Climate Services from TMA and Indigenous Knowledge Experts