Climate Services Coalition meets to take action
May 11, 2022
Next step to country-wide downscaled Climate Services. The Tanzanian Coaliton for climate services drafted and action plan to realize there vision for downscaled climate services in Tanzania.
Policy Communication: A catalyst for Climate Action
April 22, 2022
How to use the updated National Enviornmental Policy 2021 (NEP) to leverage action : We explain it in our new policy communication
Come in out of the Rain: Summary for Policymakers
March 22, 2022
Get the highlights of our latest study on Climate Services: District Factsheets , Factsheets on Indigneous Knoweldge and recommondation on how to integrate and mainstream (IK).
Come in out of the Rain: New Study shows potential of indigenous knowledge
March 22, 2022
New study on Climate Services in Tanzania conducted by the Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN TZ) guides on the way-forward towards building climate resilience
New Policy Brief: Promoting the integration of indigenous knowledge
March 22, 2022
The new policy brief outlines the importance of climate services (CS) and how the integration of indigenous knowledge (IK) can enhance climate services (CS) and hence strengthen Tanzanian communities' climate resilience. Tanzanian Coalition for Climate Services developed the policy brief (TCCS). The policy brief urges climate service actors to integrate IK for enhanced CS by establishing IK forecast groups, consensus-based forecasts, and local climate information flow systems.
When Climate Crisis is calling: National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS)
February 15, 2022
Impacts of the climate crisis is calling urgently for action. We need to adapt and handle loss and demages. CAN-TZ co-designed the new National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS) and found answers how to response to climate crisis in Tanzania.