Research for Impact: Climate Action empowered by the Adaptation Research Alliance
May 26, 2022
The Climate Action Network Tanzania joined the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) .We are thrilled to be now member of a strong and diverse network for action-orientated research on adaptation. ARA envision transformative change in the way adaptation research is done.
May 23, 2022
New Baseline Data Assessment Report: Data unlock the potential to plan for the future. We assessed Data on RE in TZ to inform planing for 100 % RE. Learn more about challenges and recommondation for the RE sector in TZ.
POLICY RECOMMENDATION: Tap the potential of RE
May 19, 2022
RE has the potential to unlock cheap & accesable energy. We analysied Energy Sector Policy, Frameworks and Strategies and gave recommendations how to leaverage the potenital of RE in Tanzania.
RE: Factsheet - Remove the blindfold- Enhance the baseline on Tanzania RE Status
May 17, 2022
New RE:Factsheet focusing on the need for RE baseline data in TZ. The Factsheet is based on the Tanzania RE Baseline data assessment report
Climate Services Coalition meets to take action
May 11, 2022
Next step to country-wide downscaled Climate Services. The Tanzanian Coaliton for climate services drafted and action plan to realize there vision for downscaled climate services in Tanzania.
Policy Communication: A catalyst for Climate Action
April 22, 2022
How to use the updated National Enviornmental Policy 2021 (NEP) to leverage action : We explain it in our new policy communication