Zanzibar Office

Zanzibar Office

Welcome to the official webpage of the Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN Tanzania) Zanzibar office! We are committed to combating climate change and protecting the environment, particularly in the stunning archipelago of Zanzibar. Our mission is to raise awareness, engage communities, and drive positive change towards a sustainable and climate-resilient future. We are located in Malindi, Stone Town near the port at the ZSTC Building

Who We Are Again?

Climate Action Network Tanzania in Zanzibar is a local branch of CAN Tanzania, one among the network of CAN International's 1,900 NGOs in more than 130 countries working together to combat climate change. CAN Tanzania is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization registered on the Tanzanian mainland, where it has had a presence since November 2011 to date providing space and capacity to non-state actors (NMs in Zanzibar, NGOs, CSOs, and the private sector) and state actors (ministry departments and authorities, MDAs and LGAs) to debate and engage in climate change interventions.

Since then, CAN Tanzania, as a think-and-do tank organization, has developed immense experience in executing various climate change, natural resources, environment, and community development projects and research, with plenty of publications on the same. With its experiences, CAN Tanzania engaged fully the government of Tanzania in the review, inputting and updates of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), which are among the union matters (Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland), where both representations were considered during this review as well as the inclusion and participation of non-state actors

Currently, in Zanzibar, we are implementing a project to strengthen the contribution of local actors for a climate-resilient society. Within this project, we are collaborating with the Office of the First Vice President to review the Zanzibar Environment Policy (2013) and Zanzibar Climate Change Strategy (2014).